Jose + Stephanie

One of my great friends whom I’ve gotten close to these last couple of years thanks to a group chat from Twitter. When Jose told me he was going to propose to Stephanie. I was beyond happy for them and excited that I would go pay them a visit out in Temecula. I still remember the first time he told me he was going on a date with this girl and how he was nervous. Next thing you know they were both crazy about each other, they hit it off and had a great first date.

I drove down Southern California to Temecula to capture their proposal. It was a complete surprise as Stephanie didn’t know. She had her eyes closed and Jose had taken her to her fathers house where both of their close family was present. A very beautiful day to remember as everyone was extremely happy for them.

Thank you to my great friend Jose for letting me be a part of this big moment of his life and always being an optimistic person.