For couples young and old, this session offers you the chance to capture and tell the story of two people who are in love. Whether you're located in the Monterey Bay area or anywhere else, I don't mind traveling to anywhere you may be to capture your love story!

Location Ideas For Your Session

  • The beach. This is one of my favorites! The oceans are ever-changing. The light is gorgeous from sunrise to sunset. 
  • A creek. The water that flows through the rocks is magnificent. Have some fun and splash around!
  • In a field. There’s something so natural about tall grasses. They flow well in the background and make your images feel down-to-Earth.
  • Check out state parks. The variety they provide will benefit your images. From the trees to trails, you name it.
  • The comfort of your own home. Relax, kick your legs up, jump on the bed, bake something, or we can even do some boudoir photos of both of you. 
  • Walk around a vineyard. I love the trees and plants that are grown at these. This is beautiful for sentimental photos!

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