San Juan Bautista Wedding | Liz + Juan

The San Juan Bautista Mission: A Historical Gem: The Mission is located in the charming town of San Juan Bautista, is the 15th of California's 21 missions. Founded in 1797 by Father Fermín Lasuén, it stands as a testament to California's early history and its role in the spread of Spanish culture and Catholicism along the West Coast.

There's something inherently romantic about the fusion of history and love, and nowhere is this more evident than at the San Juan Bautista Mission in California. This historic gem, dating back to the late 18th century, has played host to countless weddings, each one weaving a unique love story into the rich tapestry of its past. This is my 5th time being on this mission taking photos and it has such a great variety of areas to take photos of, the beautiful front doors, the cactuses around the street side, to the lovely garden by the front entrance. For couples who share a religious affiliation or appreciate the spiritual aspects of a venue, getting married in a mission can add a layer of meaning to the ceremony.